Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark under the gun as colleague cooperates with investigators: report
Jeffrey Clark (CNN screenshot)

According to a report from the Guardian, former Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark is facing increasing pressure from DOJ investigators over his part in attempts to help Donald Trump steal the 2020 presidential election with one of his former colleagues more than willing to provide information about him.

According to earlier reports, the former president planned to appoint Clark as the acting attorney general as he fought to remain in the Oval Office after he lost to Joe Biden, with Clark working with Trump's inner circle on a letter that would not only call into doubt the election results, but would urge states to use alternate "electors."

Trump's plan to install Clark as the AG was met by a massive rebellion by top DOJ officials and the letter was ultimately never sent.

According to the new report, former high-ranking DOJ official Ken Klukowski has been very forthcoming about what was going on behind the scenes as the scenario played out.

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As the Guardian's Peter Stone wrote, "The cooperation from the ex-lawyer, in tandem with other evidence obtained by prosecutors, could help spur charges against Clark – a close ally of then-president Trump – and benefit prosecutors as they go after bigger targets."

"Clark, whose cellphone and other electronic equipment was seized by federal agents in a June search on his home, worked with former DoJ lawyer Ken Klukowski, who is now cooperating with prosecutors, on a draft letter to top Georgia state legislators and the governor which falsely claimed that department had 'significant concerns' about election fraud there and in other states," he wrote, with former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin saying putting pressure on Clark could net investigators more information that could expand the investigation.

“When pursuing conspiracy cases, prosecutors look for ‘weak links’ among the co-conspirators, to wit, people willing to cooperate. The closer to the hub of the conspiracy, the better,” Zeldin said. “In the case of the Georgia false electors scheme, the two people who jump out as logical witnesses are Ken Klukowski and Jeffrey Clark. Both appear to have been intimately involved in the scheme, and both have a great deal to lose if convicted of a crime.”

Zeldin added that "Klukowski’s cooperation with federal prosecutors could be 'very bad news' for Clark, [Rudy] Giuliani, and [Trump attorney John] Eastman."

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