Trump’s last attorney general willing to discuss last-minute efforts to undo election loss
Department of Transportation official portrait of Jeffrey A. Rosen

Donald Trump's final attorney general Jeffrey Rosen may be willing to reveal new details about the former president's last-minute efforts to remain in office despite his election loss.

Rosen, who served the final month of Trump's presidency as acting attorney general, is in discussions with the House Oversight Committee to sit down for a transcribed interview about his communications with the ousted president, reported the Washington Post.

"Such an interview could fill in critical details," wrote Post columnist Greg Sargent. "Among the things Rosen could speak to are whether there were additional communications between Trump and Rosen — including verbal ones, as well as unreleased email communications."

"If there were more communications between them," Sargent added, "Rosen could fill in additional detail about the full scope of Trump's efforts to get the department to help overturn the election."

The committee released emails showing Trump tried to enlist both Rosen and his predecessor William Barr in efforts to use the Department of Justice to discredit Joe Biden's election win, and the former acting attorney general could be able to say how close he came to succeeding.

"Rosen might also be able to say when in the timeline he realized just how serious and deliberate Trump's efforts to overturn the election really were," Sargent wrote, "and he might be able to say more about possible additional efforts by Trump or people around him to get other department officials to scrutinize other examples of supposed election fraud."