Peter Doocy sputters into silence after Jen Psaki demands examples of Kindergartens teaching sex-ed
C-SPAN/screen grab

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy was called out by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday after he claimed that kindergartens are teaching sexual education.

During a White House briefing, Doocy referenced Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay" law that bans discussion of sexuality for younger students.

"Does the White House support that kind of classroom instruction before kindergarten?" Doocy asked.

"Do you have examples of schools in Florida that are teaching kindergarteners about sex education?" Psaki fired back.

"I'm just asking," Doocy said, unable to provide examples.

"I think that's a relevant question because I think this is a politically-charged harsh law," Psaki explained, "that is putting parents and LGBTQ+ kids in a very difficult, heartbreaking circumstance. And so, I actually think that's a pretty relevant question."

Watch the video below.