Prosecutors cite Capitol rioter's claim she won't go to jail because she's 'blonde' with 'a great job' in filing urging incarceration
Jenna Ryan. (YouTube/Screen cap)

According to a report from the HuffPost's Ryan Reilly, prosecutors urging jail time for a Texas realtor who took part in the Jan 6th Capitol riot cited her boast on Twitter that there is no way she is headed for jail time because she is white, has blonde hair and has a "great job."

Prosecutors are asking U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper to sentence Jenna Ryan to 60 days in jail, even though other Capitol rioters who've pleaded guilty to the same offense have been sentenced to probation.

As part of their argument they cited a tweet by the Dallas resident where she wrote,she has "blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I'm not going to jail" as proof that she felt she was above the law.

According to the filing, "A defendant who believes she is immune from strict punishment because of her race and physical appearance may reoffend because the consequences for wrongdoing will never, in the defendant's mind, be severe even when severity is merited."

The prosecutors then added, "Perhaps the most compelling need for specific deterrence arises from the defendant's misguided belief that she is above the law, or at least insulated from incarceration."

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