Jimmy Kimmel mocks 'idiot' realtor Jenna Ryan for Capitol riot prison sentence: 'The open house is about to close'
Jenna Ryan (YouTube/Screen cap)

Jimmy Kimmel ripped into notorious Captiol rioter Jenna Ryan on Tuesday night, calling her an "idiot" who begged her "cult leader" for a pardon, then bragged she wasn't going to jail before being sentenced to 60 days in prison.

After playing a clip of Ryan plugging her real-estate business outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, Kimmel said: "Should you be allowed to call it real estate if you don't know what's real and what isn't?"

He went on to recount how Ryan set up an online fundraiser for for her legal expenses, but after PayPal shut it down, she claimed she didn't really need the money, and was just doing it so that people could "be blessed by their giving."

"Yes, I believe it was the Apostle Matthew who said, 'Blessed are those who pay legal fees for idiots, for they shall be screwed out of $20,'" Kimmel said.

Kimmel then played a clip of Ryan asking former president Donald Trump for a pardon on TV. "I was doing what he asked us to do," Ryan said.

"I sent money. I tried bleach. I did everything this man asked of me, and this is the thanks I get,' Kimmel quipped, before turning to Ryan's tweet in which she said she wasn't going to jail because she is white and has blonde hair.

"That tweet she posted on March 26th. And in January, Jenna Ryan is going to — that's right, jail," Kimmel said, to raucous applause.

"If you live in North Texas, and you're looking to buy a house from Jenna Ryan, act quick because the open house is about to close," he said.

Watch below.

“Blonde Hair White Skin” Capitol Rioter Heads to Prison & Trump Associates Subpoenaed Over Jan 6th www.youtube.com