Conservative Christian David French this week found himself utterly appalled at scandalous new revelations surrounding Jerry Falwell Jr.'s tenure as the president of Liberty University.

Pointing to a recent interview Falwell conducted, French zeroed in on the former Liberty boss's declaration that he's no longer a believer in organized religion despite the fact that for years he led a religious learning institution.

"Liberty is the definition of 'organized religion,'" notes French. "What a massive failure of Liberty's board. Just massive. Falwell's character was known for years."

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French also castigates the university as an institution for allegedly trying to cover up sexual assault claims, which he says suggests the rot at Liberty goes deeper than just Falwell Jr.

"There are unjustified attacks on religious liberty in this country," French writes. "Abortion is an atrocity. Cancel culture is real. But the constant us v. them phrasing is becoming an outright evil in the church. It's blinding people to extraordinary corruption. Worse it's rationalizing it... God help us, but American Christendom is undermining American Christianity."

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Conservative Christian shocked by newest revelations on Jerry Falwell Jr scandal