Panelists on Fox News' "The Five" rushed to cut off Jesse Watters on Thursday after he pondered whether Vice President Kamala Harris was having a "typical female problem.

The remark came during a discussion about Harris claiming that she felt she was in a "bubble" in Washington D.C., which prompted Watters to accuse her of not feeling grateful enough for the position she's in.

"She has her jet, she has a chef, she can move mountains if she wants to affect policy," he said. "I like that bubble! It's a cozy bubble! I wouldn't try to get out of that bubble."

Things got more dicey from there, however, as Watters started musing about whether Harris's sex was playing a role in her dissatisfaction.

"I’m sorry to say this, but many people are saying this -- I am not saying this, but many are saying! -- this sounds like a typical female problem," he said.

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This prompted audible groans of protest from fellow panelists Jeanine Pirro and Dana Perino, who both tried to get Watters to stop talking about "typical female problems."

"Jesse, stop it!" Pirro pleaded with him, even as he kept saying that Harris was too concerned about her "feelings."

Watch the video below.

Fox News panelists rush to cut off Jesse Watters after he says Kamala Harris may be having 'a typica