'Pure evil': California felon charged in grisly murder of family following yearlong feud

The suspect in a grisly kidnapping and murder of a California family had a "pretty nasty" ongoing feud with the victims, according to authorities.

A farm worker found the bodies of infant Aroohi Dheri, her mother Jasleen Kaur, 27, father Jasdeep Singh, 36, and uncle Amadeep Singh, 39, in an almond orchard late Wednesday in the San Joaquin Valley, and convicted felon Jesus Salgado, 48, was arrested immediately upon his release from a hospital after a suicide attempt, reported the Associated Press.

Merced County sheriff Van Warnke told reporters that Salgado had worked for the family's business, Unison Trucking Inc., but had been feuding with them for a year, although details of the disagreement or employment isn't clear.

Warnke said he believes the family was most likely killed within an hour of their kidnapping Monday, and he said the crime was one of the worst he has seen in 43 years in law enforcement.

“There’s some things you’ll take to the grave,” he said. “This to me was pure evil.”

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