'Why aren't you baking cookies?': MAGA TV host smears Jill Biden as 'scum'
Jill Biden (Shutterstock)

Right-wing TV host John Fredericks on Tuesday smeared First Lady Jill Biden as "scum" and suggested she was not a doctor.

During his Outside the Beltway program on Real America's Voice, Fredericks lashed out at the Biden family over a child support dispute relating to Hunter Biden's 4-year-old daughter.

"And let me just ask you something. Where's Dr. Jill Biden?" the host asked. "First of all, you're a doctor of what? Aren't you like the grandmother of this child? You just abandoned her, right?"

"So where's Dr. Jill Biden here? The holier than thou, senior abuser. Where's she in all this?" he continued. "Why aren't you baking your granddaughter cookies? Or giving her some love?"

Fredericks called the entire Biden family "disgusting."

"Dr. Jill Biden. Grandma. Give me a freaking break," he ranted. "These people are just scum. As far as I'm concerned. Dr. Jill Biden."

Watch the video from Real America's Voice at this link.