'That's weaponization': Dem smacks down Jim Jordan for ignoring Trump DOJ corruption
YouTube/screen grab

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) called out House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) because he had no plans to investigate abuses at the Justice Department during the Trump administration.

At an Oversight hearing on Tuesday, Democrats argued that a rules package offered by Republicans was "cut and pasted" from the "right-wing echo chamber" and that it was full of "racist tropes."

"I've been concerned about the weaponization of the federal government program," Cohen said. "And I think it was pretty clear during the previous administration, [former Trump attorney] Michael Cohen went to jail for doing what Donald Trump asked him to do. Donald Trump was called Individual 1. He didn't go to jail. He didn't even go to jail when the administration changed, and Merrick Garland came in."

Cohen recalled that Trump's former attorney was forced to return to jail when he tried to write a book about the ordeal.

"It's come out; it was the Justice Department that did that," he continued. "Could we go, Mr. Chair, back into those issues and look at the weaponization that occurred during the Trump [administration], particularly that Michael Cohen incident?

However, Jordan said he only remembered the falsehoods Michael Cohen allegedly said during his testimony before Congress.

"But you do remember he went to jail?" Cohen asked.

"I remember that too," Jordan confirmed.

"And they put him back in when he was going to publish a book because they wanted him to not comment on it, and you do remember that when they put him back in jail, they put him in solitary confinement?" Cohen pressed.

"I don't recall the details," Jordan said.

"Should we not be able to study that because you don't know it?" the Tennessee Democrat wondered. "That's weaponization!"

Jordan, however, changed the subject and accused Democrats of "targeting parents."

"My Chairman, it's my time; I'm going to reclaim it," Cohen said.

"But you asked me a question," Jordan protested.

"That's not the answer," Cohen explained.

"You may not like — that's my answer!" Jordan exclaimed. "You may not like it, but I'm allowed to give the answer I want to give."

"I'm all for parents, but that's not the issue," Cohen snapped. "The issue is the weaponization of the Justice Department that happened under Trump like never before in our country's history."

House Republicans have vowed to investigate the so-called weaponization of the federal government by Democrats, corporations, and the "deep state."

Watch the video below from the House Oversight Committee.