QAnon conspiracist Jim Watkins says he was 'interrogated' by Jan. 6 committee

The man suspected of launching the QAnon conspiracy theory claims he was "interrogated" by the House select committee.

Jim Watkins, who owns and operated the 8kun message board where the conspiracy theory emerged, appeared late Monday in a livestream program hosted on the fringe Tiger Network claiming to have been called to testify before the panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, reported Vice.

“I didn’t talk to one congressman,” Watkins told the Night Owl News show. “There were prosecutors interrogating me for six hours, this was a six-hour interrogation.”

Watkins told host Dee Stevens that he wasn't allowed to discuss what he'd told the committee's investigators, although he read from a letter he claimed to have sent to committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS).

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“As far as if I ever had any correspondence with President Donald Trump?” Watkins says he wrote. “No, I have not. Neither with any of his family. I have attended two speeches given by President Trump. That is the closest I have ever been to him.”

Watkins reiterated his support for the Trump family, who he described as "American jewels," and stated his intention to protect the twice-impeached former president.

“It is incredulous that you expect me to come here by a subpoena to rat out the President of the United States and his family,” Watkins says he wrote to Thompson. “I will not be your Rasputin. The Trump family is not the Romanovs. This is not Russia.”

Watkins also insisted he was not linked to the QAnon conspiracy, which he called "made-up" and a "bogeyman."

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“I am not your kick-me boy," Watkins says he wrote to Thompson. "You indulge in fantasies about me, perhaps, but the fact is, I am not a villain, and I refuse to play one for your show trials."