Kimmel ridicules Mike Lindell's new social media site as a gathering place for 'paranoia and mustache wax'
Jimmy Kimmel and lifesize cut out of Mike Lindell squeezing a pillow (Photo: Screen capture)

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced that his four-year project to create his own social media site that combines YouTube and Twitter, the two places he's been throw off.

"That's right, come get lost in a world of paranoia and mustache wax," said Kimmel. "Why do I get the feeling Mike Lindell is going to be living in a motel soon?"

The so-called "Free Speech" site will ban swear words and anyone taking the Lord's name in vain.

"Great! That means kids can watch you have a full mental collapse too!" Kimmel celebrated. "Which C-word do you think he's talking about? Ciabatta? The pillow man has a lot going on. He's also launching what he believes will be 'a rival to Amazon' called 'My Store.' I spent the whole afternoon going through this, and there are some delightful items for sale at MyStore."

According to the late-night host, the site offers things like peanut brittle, "freedom flags," which he explained are 48 percent more patriotic than regular flags. And a children's book depicting former President Donald Trump as a Neanderthal beating up a dinosaur with a copy of the Constitution.

"And that's just the tip of the iceberg," Kimmel said. "There's a bunch of products that sound like we made them up. We didn't."

His favorite, however, was the $39.99 lifesize cardboard cutout of Lindell squeezing a pillow, "lurking menacingly in your home."

"Who would buy this? I mean, besides me? Who would buy this?" Kimmel asked.

See the video below: