Trump-backed Republican receives brutal CNN fact-check

One of the candidates Donald Trump is backing as part of his retribution campaign against Republicans he deemed insufficiently loyal received a hard-hitting fact check on Monday.

"Rep. Jody Hice had an interesting Monday. Hice, a Georgia Republican who has been in Congress since 2015, announced that he was running for Georgia secretary of state. He received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump," CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale reports.

"Then Hice argued that the District of Columbia should not be a state, in part because it does not have a car dealership. Next, he apologized after being told that DC does have car dealerships -- though he explained that he still did not know where to find one," Dale explained.

Dale noted that "DC does have car dealerships, as a Google search or visit to the DC Department of Motor Vehicles website -- or perhaps a leisurely drive around town -- would have shown."

"It's dealerships plural, not a single dealership. But anyway, Hice appeared to be undeterred by his error. He reiterated the rest of his earlier list, warning that DC would become a state without a capital city, an airport or a landfill," Dale noted. "We're going to ignore that car dealerships and airports did not exist when the Constitution was written."