'Stop seeing Spiderman!' SNL's Joe Biden explains how Americans can end the pandemic

President Joe Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, delivered a message about COVID-19 in Saturday Night Live's Cold Open on Saturday.

"As I keep saying every chance I get, we're in the middle of a cold, dark winter. This winter is so dark Republicans don't think it should vote," Johnson's Biden said.

"This virus has disrupted our lives," he added. "It's canceled holidays, weddings, quinceañeras, gender-reveal parties, wildfires that started as gender-reveal parties, and whatever the hell is happening with Novak Djokovic."

"I know you're retired of getting emails from your kid's school late at night saying, 'OK, come in tomorrow, we're feeling lucky,'" he said. "I know every time a stranger breathes on you, you think, 'That's it, I'm dead.'

"America, I'm here to tell you, there's one simple thing you can do to make this whole virus go away: Stop seeing 'Spiderman'!"

Watch below.

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