'Bold move': Fox Business host gushes over Biden's 'game-changer' Ukraine visit
Fox Business/screen grab

Fox Business host Stuart Varney praised President Joe Biden on Monday for a surprise visit to the war zone in Ukraine.

Varney reacted on his Fox Business program just hours after Biden visited Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv.

"This could be a game-changer," Varney announced. "President Biden makes a surprise visit to Ukraine. It was a very well-kept secret. He took a train from the Polish border to Kyiv. And even as air raid sirens were sounding, he was meeting with President Zelensky. And then, walking the streets in a war zone! Highly symbolic."

The Fox Business host said Biden's timing was "crucial" to the war effort.

"He is sticking it to Putin one year after Russia invaded!" Varney exclaimed. "President Biden has made a bold move. Now comes the pushback [from Russia]."

"Vice President Harris says Russia has committed crimes against humanity," he added. "The world seems to be realigning: Russia, China, Iran vs. America and Europe."

Varney recalled that Zelenskyy had been offered passage out of Ukraine when the war began, but the president chose to stay and fight.

"In my opinion, give him what he wants; let Ukraine win," Varney concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox Business.