'Out of touch' Joe attacked after op-ed refusing voting rights: Why elect Biden if Manchin runs the country?

Sen. Joe Manchin published another editorial tearing down HR 4: The John Lewis Voting Rights Act that would protect Americans from GOP laws that would prevent them from voting. The Republicans have worked on such bills because they lost the presidency and they're fearful that they'll never be able to win a national election again on a platform of their far-right policies.

Manchin has also made it clear that he refuses to get rid of or change the filibuster, parroting false GOP talking points that it somehow stops bipartisanship. In reality, there hasn't been a filibuster in four years. What is being done is the threat of a filibuster that is stopping all legislative business. If Manchin actually supported the filibuster he would support a genuine filibuster. Instead, he's playing politics and being coy with language.

Some online have called for a primary opponent to Manchin, claiming that there's no point of Democrats being in power if they're not actually in power. Manchin got in trouble earlier in January when he opposed the COVID-19 stimulus bill at a time his state desperately needed it. It was only after his own governor went on television to tell him it was a mistake that he changed his mind. It began an ongoing conversation that Manchin may be out of touch with the needs of West Virginians.

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