'Not getting involved': Joe Manchin thumbs nose at supporting Biden or Dems in 2022 and 2024
NBC/screen grab

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) refused to endorse his party's leader for a second presidential term because he said that elections are "the problem" with politics.

"You seem to suggest this week that you might not support Joe Biden," ABC host Jonathan Karl noted, "if he's the Democratic nominee for 2024. What's the bottom line? If Biden is nominated by your party, will you support him? Will you vote for a Republican?"

"Everybody is worried about elections," Manchin complained. "That's the problem. It's the 2022 election, the 2024 election. I'm not getting involved. I'm not getting involved in that, Jon."

"Whoever is my president, that's my president," he added. "And Joe Biden is my president right now."

Manchin also refused to offer much comfort to Democrats during an interview on Meet the Press.

"Do you want the Democrats to keep control?" host Chuck Todd asked, referring to congressional majorities.

"Whatever the voters choose," Manchin replied. "I've always taken the approach, whomever you send me, that's your representative and I respect them. ... I don't play the politics that way."

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