MSNBC’s Morning Joe ‘disturbed’ by GOP’s lack of concern over DOJ spying scandal

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough finds the lack of Republican concern over a Department of Justice spying scandal disturbing.

Donald Trump's administration -- under both attorneys general Jeff Sessions and William Barr -- subpoenaed the personal data of at least two Democratic lawmakers and their families during the Russia investigation, and the "Morning Joe" host said GOP lawmakers should be pounding the table over the clear abuse of power.

"I've got to believe even some Republicans on the Hill, who actually have read the Constitution and understand what Article I of the Constitution means and understand Madisonian checks and balances and how important those are, and see themselves set apart as a separate and equal branch from the executive branch, find it hard to believe that Republicans aren't just as concerned and disturbed by this as a lot of Democrats," Scarborough said.

"I can tell you, when I was up there, oh, my God, if something like this had happened, the chairman, the chairwoman, the leaders would have torn to shreds a president in their own party if there had been an investigation against that president, and then the president decided to use his Justice Department to start seizing records and to spy on," he added. "It sounds -- I mean, it sounds beyond Nixonian to me."

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