Capitol-rioting GOP candidate says Bill Gates and George Soros 'want to enslave every generation' in new ad
Joey Gilbert Facebook

Former Jan. 6 Capitol attacker Joey Gilbert started his campaign for governor in Nevada on Wednesday, with a 60-second video with a slew of QAnon-related conspiracies.

While Gilbert begins the ad quoting John F. Kennedy, he turns to attack "a powerful group of elites," like George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, saying they "want to enslave every generation." He didn't explain what they would be enslaved to do, however.

"Our basic freedoms and way of life are under attack," he continued. "The courts, the schools and big corporations can influence every aspect of our daily lives."

It's unclear if Gilbert intends to refuse campaign donations by other wealthy "elites" or if he intends to only accept contributions from everyday Americans instead.

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Gilbert went on to show the controversial Florida surgeon general, Joseph A. Ladapo, who belongs to a group of physicians who dismissed the pandemic and also believed that alien DNA was being injected into people with the vaccine. The organization's chief also believes that lizard people run the government.

Gilbert closes the ad saying "America is waking up."

See the ad below:

60 second ad by nevada nutter