‘John Bolton absolutely eviscerated pro-Putin’ claims about Trump and Russia: Morning Joe

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out Donald Trump's defenders who say he would have handled Russia's invasion of Ukraine better than President Joe Biden.

The former president's one-time national security adviser John Bolton, who voiced his objections to the White House pressure campaign against Ukraine in 2019, strongly criticized Trump during an appearance Tuesday on Newsmax, and the "Morning Joe" host said that invalidated much of the Biden disapproval.

"There is a guy that was at Donald Trump's side through it all there and just absolutely eviscerated this asinine argument that Trumpists -- by the way, pro-Putin Trumpists -- keep saying, who got us here," Scarborough said. "'Oh, if only Donald Trump had been there.'"

"As we heard time and time again, every time Congress passed sanctions against Russia, Donald Trump was the one that his advisers were having to drag him along," Scarborough added. "He was constantly complaining and blackmailing Ukraine. As John Bolton said, his national security adviser said, Trump was the one that was blackmailing Ukraine and didn't want to send those weapons because he was trying to dig up dirt. He was trying to get servers."

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