'No excuse': Critics pounce on GOP's Cornyn after he defends Uvalde police inaction during mass shooting
John Cornyn (Photo via AFP)

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) was buried under an avalanche of criticism late Saturday after he took to Twitter and defended law enforcement officials in Uvalde , Texas who dithered outside an elementary school classroom that contained a gunman who killed nineteen children and two teachers.

According to the Texas Republican, criticism is "second-guessing" and critics should wait for more information.

Specifically, he wrote, "The second guessing and finger pointing among state and local law enforcement is destructive, distracting, and unfair. Complex scenarios require split second decisions. Easy to criticize with 20-20 hindsight."

That set off a torrent of criticism of Cornyn, with two Democratic lawmakers pouncing on his comments.

Rep. Rueben Gallego (D-AZ) responded to Cornyn with, "I saw 18 year old boys in war do split second decisions. There is no excuse these officers need to be held accountable."

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) chimed in, writing, "Wait until he finds out that there are politicians who think every American should be able to make those catastrophically deadly split second* (sic) decisions with no training and with military grade firearms."

Rachel Vindman, wife of Donald Trump whistleblower Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, added, "If you think your stalling is going to make us stop talking about this, you’re wrong. Your pals’ speeches at the @NRA just keep digging the hole."

You can see Cornyn's tweet and some responses below: