Charter bus operator who brought 100 MAGA customers to DC pleads guilty to felony violence in Capitol riot
(DOJ Photo)

An Ohio man who clashed with Capitol Police – and filmed a Facebook live video celebrating the violence – has pleaded guilty to a charge of felony obstruction of an official proceeding.

John Douglas Wright, 55, of Canton, Ohio, entered a plea deal that anticipates one of two federal-sentencing guideline ranges depending what charges a judge decides to apply. The deal stipulates that as little as a 15-to-21-month sentence or as much as 41-to-51 months would be recommended.

Wright owns a charter bus company and organized two busloads to Washington D.C. totaling 100 passengers at a cost of $50 apiece, according to the FBI. But it was his violence at the Capitol that landed him among the more than 850 defendants from the insurrection.

“Wright and others pushed against a metal barricade against federal law enforcement officers in an attempt to break through the security perimeter and advance towards the Capitol,” according to a Department of Justice news release. “He then took a break to catch his breath. About 15 minutes later, the crowd had pushed through the eastern barriers, and Wright entered the Capitol Building. While inside, he walked through the Rotunda, took video, posted video to Facebook Live, and smoked a cigarette.”

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As Raw Story reported last year, Wright’s case was notable for violent rhetoric as well:

“Here are two of Wright's posts quoted in the arrest complaint:



The FBI also claimed that these statements came from a video captioned "Doug Wright was live." The FBI report said Wright's voice was confirmed by a witness who knows him.

"We are in the house. All we got to do is get the door down now. We're gonna drag their stupid asses out," the voice is heard shouting. As well as "Whose house? Our house" and "yeah this is what the inside looks like. We are in our house."