'Coup memo' lawyer says he doesn't want to comply with subpoenas -- then complains about criminal contempt charges

John Eastman, the pro-Trump attorney who authored the infamous "coup memo," appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Monday to complain about having to comply with congressional subpoenas.

During the interview, Carlson asked Eastman why he was bothering to respond to the House Select Committee's subpoenas in the first place.

"We shouldn't," Eastman replied. "But Congress has the power to issue criminal contempt. Normally those don't go anywhere in charades such as this, but the Department of Justice is fully in line!"

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He then went on to decry the fact that the DOJ is actually prosecuting people who defy congressional subpoenas.

"They’ve already brought one criminal indictment against one of the people who refused to comply," he said, referring to Trump ally Steve Bannon. "The phone companies, I don't think they want to comply, but they're going to be held in criminal contempt if they don't! So they've forced me and my lawyers to work with some of these other people to file a court action... to block these unbelievably unconstitutional subpoenas of my records."

Watch the video below.