Pence may have let Marc Short testify to sabotage Trump's 2024 efforts: CNN reporter
Mike Pence (Screen Capture)

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," correspondent Jamie Gangel suggested that former Vice President Mike Pence himself gave his blessing to former chief of staff Marc Short to testify about the January 6 Capitol attack — to disrupt Donald Trump's path back to the White House.

"What are your sources telling you about the motivation behind people in Pence's inner circle who are maybe cooperating?" asked Cooper. "And also, obviously, how the former president is either reacting or likely to react?"

"So, the Pence team motivation is interesting because we've seen Pence separate himself from Trump," said Gangel. "Sort of come back to Trump, then, say I did the right thing on — on January 6th. He has indicated he wants to run for president. Maybe he sees this as a way to muddy up Trump, to get a different lane in the Republican base."

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"As for Donald Trump, let's face it," added Gangel. "He is not going to be happy with this, to say the least. And he has a history with Marc Short. In fact, on January 7th, Trump banned Marc Short from the White House because he was so angry that Pence didn't do his bidding."

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Jamie Gangel suggests Pence wants the January 6 committee to disrupt Trump's re-election plans