Jan. 6 Committee says John Eastman may have made bogus privilege claims and asks judge to review
John Eastman (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress wants a judge to do a review of 562 documents that they think were falsely described in privilege logs.

According to the filing, the Jan. 6 Committee doesn't believe that attorney John Eastman's documents he indicated were "privileged" did fall under that category.

They're asking for an in camera review of "(1) the validity of Dr. Eastman’s privilege assertions, (2) whether Dr. Eastman has waived any applicable privileges, and (3) whether Congressional Defendants’ compelling need and/or the crime-fraud exception overcome any applicable privileges."

They went on to say that the reason they want the review to be done in camera is that Eastman's lawyer has been "unreliable" in the past.

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"As just one example, this Court previously addressed a photograph (Chapman025905, attached as Ex. A) that Dr. Eastman had described as a 'handwritten note re issued for anticipated litigation,' but which turned out to be a photograph of a Trump campaign rally with a handwritten note stating: 'TIMES 50 SUCH EVENTS – NO WAY THIS LOSES.'"

They explained that this is not an example of attorney-client privilege.

The filing goes on to cite a number of emails that were held back that it turns out the committee had access to possibly through other means. One revealed Eastman and Trump attorney Ken Chesebro mocking the former president's overly inflated wealth.

See the full filing here.