Undercover videos reveal John Eastman part of 'an ongoing attempt to subvert future elections': activist
CBS Denver/screen grab

Trump lawyer John Eastman, the author of the so-called "coup memo" advising the former president on how he could overturn the results of the 2020 election, is now working with state lawmakers on "election integrity," according to undercover videos that aired on MSNBC on Wednesday night.

In the videos, the president of the Claremont Institute, Ryan Williams, states that Eastman is "still very involved with a lot of the state legislators and advising them on election integrity stuff." Eastman is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute.

The videos also show Eastman attacking state elections officials who upheld Biden's victory.

"Trump, (Rudy) Giuliani and me met with 300 legislators on Jan. 2 via Zoom conference call, and they all spinelessly wouldn't do anything, even though we had given them all the evidence," Eastman said. "These guys were spineless. Now, if we take a bunch of them out in the primaries in 2022, and the precondition for getting elected is we're going to fight this stuff, then maybe we've got an opportunity."

The undercover videos were shot Saturday by journalist Lauren Windsor, who appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss them.

In videos previously released by Windsor, Eastman stated that Vice President Mike Pence refused to carry out his memo and overturn the results of the election because he's "an establishment guy." Eastman also claimed the Capitol insurrection was a setup by the FBI.

Windsor, who posed as a Trump supporter to get Eastman to discuss the topics, told MSNBC that she was surprised by his responses — particularly since he recently backed away from the "coup memo" in a National Review article.

"I expected him to be a little more shellshocked just because of the incoming flak," Windsor said. "I very much see this as an ongoing attempt to subvert future elections."

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the House Select Committee investigating the Captiol insurrection, appeared on MSNBC immediately after Windsor and called the videos "shocking." Eastman has been subpoenaed by the committee.

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