John Oliver suggests a great name for Matt Gaetz's show is the 'Matt Gaetz Digs His Own Grave Adventure Hour'

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) got the John Oliver treatment after his scandal exploded all over the country this week.

During his Sunday episode of "Last Week Tonight," Oliver explained that Gaetz went on Fox News' Tucker Carlson to try and explain how he got wrapped up in a sex trafficking scandal while serving as a member of the U.S. Congress. Oliver explained that Gaetz did so "very badly."

"Wow! Imagine being the one white man on Earth that Tucker Carlson won't defend!" Oliver said. "Tucker was clearly trying to 'nope' his way out of the whole interview. He looked like he wants to walk out of his own show. The problem is, if he did that, it wouldn't be Tucker Carlson Tonight anymore, it would be 'The Matt Gaetz Digs His Own Grave Adventure Hour.'"

Oliver anticipates there will be much more to come on Gaetz, likely "during his sentencing phase."

Gaetz has denied any involvement in the crimes being investigated.

See the video below: