John Oliver sums up the GOP's new 2021 elected officials with senator who admits he has no idea what to do

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver summed up the 2021 election by addressing New Jersey candidate Ed Durr, who spent just over $2,000 on his campaign and has no idea what he'll do while in office.

While political analysts have clamored to explain the recent election by citing issues and failed Democratic talking points, Oliver proved that with candidates like Durr proved, in New Jersey at least, it was nothing more than turnout.

Pointing to a photo of Durr, Oliver explained that he didn't even need to be told that the man was named Ed Durr.

"When you look like this, the Ed Durr is very much assumed," he mocked. "I see this image, and I immediately know three things: he's a white, middle-aged guy, his style-icon is Larry King, and his name is unavoidably Ed Durr."

While many might believe that Durr was able to "captivate people" with his "unique and powerful vision for New Jersey," a Fox News interview proved that theory wrong. Speaking to the network, Durr confessed he had no idea what he would do while in office. It means New Jersey's 3rd district essentially exchanged being one of the most powerful districts in the state Senate to being the least.

Oliver went on to explain that Durr has compared COVID mandates to the Holocaust, which is a talking point of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA). He also tweeted that Islam is a fake religion and the Prophet "Mohammad (sic) was a pedophile," misspelling Muhammad.

"I'm less concerned about the things Ed Durr doesn't know and more concerned about the things he thinks he does," Oliver explained.

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