Televangelist mike murdoch
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John Oliver's show Sunday focused on the broken mental healthcare system in the United States and the ways in which insurance companies deny claims, limit networks to only a few mental health professionals and then don't fully cover the care.

But after walking through yet another example of the woefully inadequate healthcare system in the United States, Oliver showed some clips from a "television" pastor who can't stop thinking about sex.

Calling him "the world's horniest televangelist," Dr. Mike Murdock appears on screen in front of a bank of bookshelves to talk about how he asks people to stroke their Bible, "kiss it. Then I say, rub it over your face. I'm Mike Murdock, a follower of Jesus."

In another clip, Murdock appears in what looks like an old office chair to talk about how much he loves "sexual beauty."

"I look at a woman's ankles, I look at her toenails, I look at her fingernails," he says in the clip before it switches to another.

"I don't know why cut-offs are sexy but they are," Murdoch says with a bank of different donation links appearing on the side of the screen. "I don't like long shorts. I like short shorts. I want to see everything I can. I'm a man."

Murdoch goes on to another sermon to discuss marriage and explain that when he thinks of marriage it isn't about black-eyed peas, pork and beans and ice tea.

"Are you kidding? I want a sexbot stripping on stage in front of me and in the bedroom," he explains to his audience.

He then goes on a rant about covering certain parts of a woman's breasts up but that "men want you to see the mounds. Cause men see mounds and they start thinking."

See the video below, which begins at about the 1:02:40 mark. You can also watch at this link.

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