Jon Stewart shuts down Fox News host trying to bait him into saying Biden's infrastructure bill is too big

On Fox News Tuesday, in a segment first flagged by The Daily Beast, comedian and activist John Stewart appeared on Martha MacCallum's show to discuss his efforts to push legislation that would expand medical benefits for veterans and first responders sickened by exposure to "burn pits."

During the course of the interview, MacCallum tried to turn Stewart's cause into an attack on President Joe Biden, by implying that his sweeping infrastructure proposal is money that could have been spent on burn pit victims.

"You know, you see the trillions that we're talking about spending for a lot of different things right now, for COVID, for infrastructure," said MacCallum. "How does that make you feel about what you're pushing for here?"

Stewart, however, was having none of this spin, and immediately shut her down, pointing out these issues are much larger and therefore require more money to solve than benefits for burn pit victims.

"Listen, just even at the Pentagon, you're talking about $750 billion, $800 billion a year," said Stewart. By contrast, he is advocating a "fraction of that to implement the care and benefits that these folks have already earned." MacCallum conceded his point, thanking him for appearing on the show.

Watch below:

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