'He thinks it was a great day': ABC reporter's new book reveals how Trump still celebrates Jan. 6
ABC/screen grab

ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl revealed on Sunday that he is writing a new book that has left him "dumbfounded" at former President Donald Trump's affinity for the rally that incited a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"I'm not sure his influence is waning," Karl said of Trump. "Trump also called [the rioters] protesters. And I can tell you from my interviews for Trump for my book that's going to be coming out, I was absolutely dumbfounded at how fondly he looks back Jan. 6."

"He thinks it was a great day," he noted. "He thinks it was one of the greatest days of his time in politics. Now, he doesn't necessarily say that because of the storming of the Capitol. He has this sense that this was like the biggest crowd he'd ever seen."

Karl added: "But, look, he sees that incredibly fondly and his hold on the Republican Party has been far more resilient than I thought it would be."

Watch the video below from ABC.