'Cult of MAGA-ism is rotting brains' as GOP remains fixated on JFK Jr: Jordan Klepper
Trump supporter / The Daily Show screengrab.

Donald Trump's most passionate supporters are living in "different realities" as cult-like delusions like QAnon and election denialism rot the brains of everyone involved, according to The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper.

Klepper was interviewed by CNN's Jim Acosta after his most recent report on Trump supporters at a rally in Wisconsin.

Acosta played a clip of a Trump supporter claiming that the 2006 Robin Williams movie "Man of the Year" proves election fraud. The movie is not a documentary, but a comedy. IMDB describes the premise as "a comedian who hosts a news satire program decides to run for president, and a computerized voting machine malfunction gets him elected."

Another Trump supporter said 9/11 was an inside job and claimed John F. Kennedy, Jr. was still alive and would expose "globalists."

Klepper described what he thought he would learn from covering the rally. "I have to wonder whether you rank some of these conspiracy theories... like this was the best, this was the second best. I suppose it would happen by the day that you would do this sort of ranking. But, I mean, it's just remarkable what folks come up with."

"I will say, for this piece we went out talking about issues for the midterms, we thought we were going to get reactions on the overturning of the Roe vs. Wade and people were jumping down our throats talking about JFK, Jr., — not just one person, multiple people, everyone we came up to," Klepper said.

"It is shocking to us, this cult of MAGA-ism is melting brains, full stop," he explained." "And you talk to people and you realize when you normalize the idea that a dead dictator is affecting our elections, people's brains get thirsty, they start looking for other ideas, and suddenly they resurrect the dead child of a former president and so suddenly you're amidst these say seances of political ideas coming out of sheer boredom."

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Watch Jordan Klepper's original report below or at this link, as well as his interview with Acosta.

Jordan Klepper vs. Wisconsin Trump Supporters | The Daily Show www.youtube.com

Watch Jim Acosta interview Jordan Klepper:

Jordan Klepper www.youtube.com