Trump fans get lampooned by The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper as they explain their love for the ex-president
The Daily Show

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper interviewed Donald Trump fans at this year’s CPAC in Orlando, where they offered a glimpse into their undying love for the twice-impeached former president.

The Comedy Central correspondent ventured into MAGA world for his upcoming special "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe - Hungary for Democracy" and found some surprising reasons for Trump support.

“I like how he’s funny,” said one apparently teenage fan. “The 2015 debate, he was like… ‘Little Marco,’ ‘You’re fat,’ ‘You’re stupid.’ I just loved it. I felt like his personality was my personality.”

“So you wanted a 15-year-old as president and you got one,” Klepper said.

"A hundred percent," he said.

Other attendees expressed concern that Democrats want to "destroy the neutral family" by banning the words mother and father, while another appreciated Trump calling Vladimir Putin a genius for invading Ukraine.

“I think he has a way of playing with words," the man said, "and then he gets the media riled up,”

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