Watch: Jordan Klepper finds small crowd but big delusions at Manhattan MAGA rally

Jordan Klepper acknowledged that Tuesday’s sparsely attended Manhattan MAGA rally was in most ways like no other.

“This was an unusual MAGA rally,” the Daily Show correspondent said in a segment the program posted on its YouTube channel.

Donald Trump on Saturday called for protesters to demonstrate in front of the Manhattan courthouse where the former president said he expected to be arrested on Tuesday.

“The numbers were low, and it was in my home city,” Klepper said.

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But although the tiny crowd size and urban setting were constant reminders that the event wasn’t what Klepper typically sees in typical Trump rallies, the misinformation made him feel right at home.

“The arguments over some basic facts were refreshingly familiar,” Klepper said.

A man in a cowboy hat tells Klepper “I’m here to support Trump because they want to indict him.”

“I’m here to actually see what’s going on,” the man says. “Everyone was talking about it, so I wanted to check it out because I don’t believe what I’m hearing on the news.”

“Listen,” the man says. “I don’t know all the specific facts, but what I do know is he’s my president.”

“Right now?” Klepper interrupts.

“You think he’s serving the role as your president, currently?”

“In my heart, he’s my president,” the man says.

A woman Klepper interviews tells him that “Joe Biden is going after” Trump and that she doesn’t understand why because “they’re going to push (Biden) out the door and probably put ‘Michael’ Obama in, OK?”

“We all know Trump doesn’t understand how the law works, turns out he doesn’t know when it works either,” Klepper says at the end of the video.

“But for MAGA supporters feeling FOMO about missing the Donald’s showdown with justice, I’m confident you’ll get another chance.”

Klepper concludes by asking the man in the cowboy hat if he would travel to Georgia should Trump be indicted there.

“I don’t know, maybe I will,” the man says.

“It’s like a big old indictment tour, right?” Klepper jokes. I’ll see you in Georgia, maybe we’ll swing by D.C.”

Watch the segment below or at this link.

Jordan Klepper Takes on a Handful of Trump Arrest Protesters | The Daily Show