Rand Paul stunned by Moderna CEO: Less risk of myocarditis for people who take vaccine
C-SPAN/screen grab

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel surprised Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) by explaining that the risk of myocarditis decreased in boys who took the company's Covid-19 vaccine.

"Is there a higher interest or a higher incidence of myocarditis among adolescent males 16 to 24 after taking your vaccine?" Paul, a vaccine critic, asked the CEO at a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

"First, let me say we care deeply about safety and we are working closely with the CDC and the FDA," Bancel replied before being interrupted.

"Pretty much a yes or no," Paul said. "Is there a higher incidence of myocarditis among boys 16 to 24 after they take your vaccine?"

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"The data I've shown, actually, I've seen, sorry, from the CDC, actually shown that there's less myocarditis for people who get the vaccine versus who get COVID infection," Bancel explained.

Paul sounded shocked: "You're saying that for ages 16 to 24 among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?"

"That is my understanding, Senator," Bancel confirmed.

"That is not true," Paul griped. "And I'd like to enter into the record six peer-reviewed papers from the Journal of Vaccine, the Annals of Medicine that say the complete opposite of what you say."

According to the CDC, myocarditis and pericarditis "have rarely been reported" after Covid-19 vaccinations.

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