Josh Hawley busted for lying that he was never really trying to overturn the election
Sen. Josh Hawley. (CSPAN2/Screenshot)

On Tuesday, CNN issued a fact-check of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who is now trying to claim that his objection to the certification of Joe Biden's electoral victory wasn't really efforts to overturn the result of the presidential election.

Hawley attempted to rewrite history when challenged by CNN congressional reporter Manu Raju on Friday, saying, "I was very clear from the beginning that I was never attempting to overturn the election."

"This is very misleading," wrote Holmes Lybrand. "In the nine weeks between the election and his votes to object to the certification of the electoral college votes, Hawley made numerous statements suggesting that then-President Donald Trump could possibly remain in office and that then-President elect Joe Biden being inaugurated on January 20 was not a sure thing. If he was not 'attempting to overturn the election' Hawley, at the very least, suggested it might be a by-product of Republican efforts."

For example, on Fox News January 4th, anchor Bret Baier asked Hawley directly if his efforts would overturn the election, and he replied, "that depends on what happens on Wednesday." In another instance, on December 1st, Hawley made clear he didn't believe it was guaranteed Biden would become president, saying, "[I]f Joe Biden ends up being sworn in as president."

Hawley has become the focus of national outrage after the GOP attacks on the election he spearheaded turned into a violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead. He has faced a sharp polling backlash in his home state of Missouri and widespread calls to resign or face expulsion from the Senate.