Josh Hawley ridiculed after his bizarre interview: 'It’s hard to be a leader and a victim at the same time'

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) spread a bizarre claim Sunday in an interview with Axios' Mike Allen in which he said that men aren't really "a man" if they play video games, aren't fathers or husbands and various other things.

Discussing the interview, former opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) explained that the philosophy is outdated and in conflict with itself.

"You know Josh Hawley," MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace asked noting she doesn't like to give Jan. 6 insurrection enablers oxygen. "What, what, what, what, what, what?"

"Okay, I unlike many people in America, I am certainly not shocked he said something this wacky," McCaskill prefaced. "He's said stuff like this before. At one point, he gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking. So, this is not a shocker."

McCaskill put on her glasses to read Hawley's quote, explaining, "I want everyone to understand the three virtues that he called the manly virtues. He said these are the traditional masculine virtues that women are taking away from men. He named courage, independence, and assertiveness."

Wallace asked how women are removing a man's masculinity by being courageous.

"The last time I looked, those are human virtues. What women have done is they have taken their place alongside men and they have had independence and courage and assertiveness," said McCaskill. "They should not threaten men in the least. It certainly shouldn't drive them to porn. It is crazy town. But he thinks by making men the victim, he becomes their champion, and he's the new Donald Trump."

"It is hard to be a leader and a victim at the same time," McCaskill said of the Missouri Republican. "Josh Hawley is trying to make his followers victims and he is going to be their champion to lead them out of victimhood into dominance again. In this instance, what he's basically saying to the women of America, you have got to quit having courage, being assertive and quit being independent so we can go back to a time where everybody in college was a man. He also pointed out there are more women in college than men right now. It has been that way since I was in college. We have had more women in college than men in America for man many years. But we still have a tiny percentage in corporate board rooms. We still have never elected a woman president. We still are way behind in terms of numbers, in terms of equity in this country. So, you would think somebody would aspire to an equality message for women and men. Now come on, guys! Get out from behind your screens, quit looking at porn, and let's put women back in their place."

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Josh Hawley ridiculed after bizarre interview: 'It’s hard to be a leader and a victim'