Josh Hawley claims a man isn't really 'a man' if they play video games and aren't married with children
Republican senator Josh Hawley. (Screenshot)

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is launching a campaign against men who play video games, "watching pornography and doing nothing," and aren't married with children.

The conversation came as part of Axios on HBO's interview between Hawley and Mike Allen, who addressed the recent speech the Missouri senator made at a conservative conference in Florida.

In his speech, Hawley alleged that it was the left that was attacking the "men of America," but when Allen asked Hawley what he finds to be the problem with men in America today.

"What's a man to you, paint a picture," asked Allen.

"What's a man?" asked Hawley. "Well, a man is a father. A man is a husband. A man is somebody who takes responsibility. As conservatives, we've got to call men back to responsibility. We've got to say that spending your time not working. And we have more and more men who aren't working. Spending their time on video games. Spending your time watching porn online while doing nothing is not good for you, your family, or this country."

It's unclear if Hawley meant to say that men must be doing something while watching pornography for it to be good for the country. Either way, Hawley's analysis seems to be that any man who can't have children, like those who can be sterile as a result of cystic fibrosis or other diseases, aren't real men. Similarly, Hawley, who identifies as an evangelical protestant and went to a private Jesuit high school, also attacked celibate religious figures like Priests who don't have wives or children. "Real men," by Hawley's definition, also wouldn't be families that have decided not to have children.

It's a new attack from conservatives who typically claim that the country is being ruined by "welfare moms," but it seems to have shifted to childless men.

The attack on those playing video games also isn't unusual for conservatives. For decades they've blamed video games for everything from school shootings, to the sexualization of children to drug addiction and criminal activity. Yet, by 2023, there are expected to be 3 billion video gamers across the world, which would account for 500 Missourians. The Entertainment Software Association revealed that "67 percent of all American adults, those 18 years and up, play games, while 76 percent of kids, those under 18 years old play."

Among the largest video game companies in St. Louis include Graphite Lab, Riot Games, Happy Badger Studio, Six3six Studios, Mythican Games, MeltedJoystick, DataGame, and Simutronics.

Watch the interview below: