Josh Hawley captured on film running for his life after fist pump for Jan. 6 rioters
Josh Hawley, a Missouri Republican, was called out on the Senate floor by Sen. - Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images North America/TNS

Among the revelations from the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, they detailed Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) who was pictured pumping his fist in the air in support of the attackers.

Yet, when the Capitol was breached, and the attackers were flooding the building and making their way onto the floor, Hawley was filmed running for his life.

"While the vice president was being evacuated from the senate, President Trump called Tommy Tubberville," explained Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA).

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"I told him, Mr. President, we aren't doing much work right now because they sent the vice president off. I need to hang up on you. I need to leave," he said.

"Mr. Josh Hawley also had to flee," explained Luria. "Earlier that afternoon before the joint session started, he walked across the east side of the Capital. As you can see in this photo, he raised his fist, with the protesters already amassing at the gate. We spoke with a security officer who was already out there at the time. She told us that Sen. Hawley's gesture riled up the crowd, and it bothered her greatly because he was doing it in a safe space protected by the officers and the barrier. Later that day, Sen. Hawley fled after those protesters he helped to rile up the storm to the capitol. See for yourself."

See the video of Hawley below.

Hawley captured running for his life after fist pump for Jan. 6 rioters