MAGA rioter who 'plead the blood of Jesus' on the Senate floor convicted of weapons charges
Photo from DOJ memorandum in support of pretrial detention of Dominic Pezzola

An Alabama man who admitted wielding a knife at the January 6 Capitol riot was found guilty at trial Friday of felony and misdemeanor weapons charges, the Department of Justice reported.

Joshua Matthew Black, 46, of Leeds, Alabama, was convicted of illegal entry and disorderly conduct during the riot, along with the weapons charges. Black reportedly ran a lawn service in his hometown.

Black posted a YouTube video after the riot with the username “LetUs Talk” in which he discussed entering the U.S. Capitol and the floor of the Senate chamber, DOJ reported. An FBI affidavit also stated that on the day after the riot, an anonymous caller using a number associated with Black called to admit participation in the riot.

Here's the FBI’s account of what Black had to say on the YouTube video:

“Once we found out Pence had turned on us and they had stolen the election, like officially, the crowd went crazy. I mean, it became a mob. We crossed the gate. We just wanted to get inside the building.”

And there was this from Black, who had visible wounds on his left cheek, apparently from having been struck by a projectile during the riot, according to the FBI:

“I wanted to get inside the building so I could plead the blood of Jesus over it. That was my goal. I accomplished that goal. You know, I praised the name of Jesus on the Senate floor. I think that was God’s goal.”

Black admitted carrying a knife hidden under layers of clothing, but claimed he had no intention to use it. “I work outside, and you need knives, you know. DC doesn’t allow guns and I don’t like being defenseless.”

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson has scheduled a sentencing hearing for May 5.