‘I will stab you in the face’: Trump-loving conspiracists at war with each other as bitter feud goes public

Some of the conspiracy theorists who influenced election audits have sunk into a cycle of infighting and recrimination.

Inventor Jovan Pulitzer posed as a restaurant employee last week to prank call a critic in a puerile stunt he live-streamed for his fans, who heard him ask the person to clarify their order for a "cock sandwich," and he then called a woman who had criticized him and talked about his penis, reported The Daily Beast.

Pulitzer's one-time ally David Clements, a former New Mexico State University professor, accuses the inventor of bilking his followers with a $250 book that packages all his election-fraud theories together, and other Donald Trump-loving conspiracists have also turned on each other.

Attorney Lin Wood and former national security adviser Michael Flynn have been publicly feuding for weeks, and now Pulitzer and Clements have been airing their grievances in Telegram posts and live-stream videos.

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Clements accused Pulitzer of harming the audit movement with a typo-ridden book that is intended to explain how “kinematic artifact detection" can somehow identify fraudulent ballots, which Amazon reviewers have slammed as a “pseudo-sci grift," and the two men have directed waves of harassment at one another by posting each other's phone numbers online.

“I will stab you in the face with the truth,” Pulitzer told Clements in an audio recording posted on Telegram. “You’re the last son of a b*tch I want praying for me.”

Pulitzer and other attendees at a recent conspiracy conference were sickened with what they believe is anthrax poisoning, although their reported symptoms seem much more likely to be from the COVID-19 wave that's currently overwhelming medical providers.