GOP candidate J.R. Majewski gets blasted for 'stolen valor'
J.R. Majewski and former President Donald Trump (campaign photo).

The managing editor of a military publication blasted Ohio congressional candidate J.R. Majewski for embellishing his military service record.

The U.S. Air Force veteran misleadingly claimed to have been deployed to combat in Afghanistan, offered a laughable excuse for the discrepancy, and then was caught misrepresenting his past punishment and demotion -- and Task & Purpose managing editor Jared Keller called him out.

"In response to that initial report, Majewski claimed that, despite his status as a glorified plane loader at a rank just one notch above entry-level, his ostensible deployments to Afghanistan were 'classified' and that the Associated Press article — based on his own military records — represented a 'hit piece,'" Keller wrote.

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House Republicans pulled nearly $1 million in ad spending from Majewski campaign after the revelations first surfaced, although the Ohio GOP hasn't offered a response, and Keller said the candidate stands to lose support from the military community.

"Among active-duty service members and military veterans gearing up to vote in the midterm elections this November, the label of 'stolen valor' — lying about or deliberately exaggerating the details of one’s military service — may end up hurting the Majewski campaign more than any claims of 'classified' service can fix," he wrote.