'I would caution you': Attorney for pro-Trump 'Kraken lawyer' gets smacked down by federal judge for lack of respect
Sidney Powell during a Fox Business News interview. (Screenshot)

Things weren't going well for Sidney Powell and Lin Wood's lawyer Donald Campbell who attacked U.S. Federal Judge Linda Parker during the Monday hearing on whether or not the pro-Donald Trump lawyers would be sanctioned.

At issue is that Powell and Wood submitted court documents "to make the public believe that there was something wrong in Michigan, there was something wrong in Wayne County," said the judge, explaining that it appears they made no due diligence to research if the claims were valid ones.

The Michigan case from Trump's lawyers submitted over 200 sworn statements by people complaining about election problems in the state that they witnessed or found "perplexing." The 200 sworn statements were promoted by the former president and in hours of news coverage on conservative news outlets.

The judge went one by one through the affidavits asking over and over again if the lawyers made any effort to interview the people and assess if they were aware of what the rules were or if there were other factors at play. Each time the Kraken lawyers said that they didn't, but claimed if they could just have a hearing to review the evidence then they could bring all of the 200 people in to question them.

The judge asked Campbell if he believed that the standards to verify were met, and he said that he believes they were.

"Wow, ok," the judge exclaimed. "And this is based upon your theory that all of these affidavits need to be viewed in context?"

"How else would you view them?" Campbell asked.

Judge Parker said that she believes every affidavit submitted should be rooted in fact and if you have language that is vague, that they have an obligation to clarify the claims. The affidavit she was reading was by a man who found something to be "perplexing," which the judge said seemed like a pretty low standard to include in the case.

"The term 'perplexed' is enough to waste the time of all of these people?" Campbell complained.

"And I asked you did you really think it was worth the time" to include these claims to begin with, the judge clapped back. "I would caution you not to question my procedure."

Detroit lawyer David Fink, who brought the complaints, chimed in saying he was "concerned about the disrespect of the court."

The judge then went on to complain that the Kraken lawyers came to the hearing without having their own documents they filed.

In this case, it is not whether the evidence proves their election fraud claims. It's whether the lawyers did their job in researching the sworn statements before submitting them in court.

"There is a responsibility, there is a duty that counsel has to ensure that when you're submitting a sworn statement in support of your case … that you have reviewed it, that you have done some minimal due diligence. And that is what I am getting at," Parker said.

As national security lawyer Bradley Moss explained, you can't make a garbage filing and then be granted the ability to move forward with your case.