'Brutal': Judge sanctions multiple Trump lawyers over failed Russia investigation lawsuit
Donald Trump. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Federal District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks issued harsh sanctions against multiple lawyers representing Donald Trump in a Florida lawsuit.

"A Florida judge has ordered Trump lawyers Alina Habba, Peter Ticktin (Trump childhood classmate) and their associates to pay $50k in sanctions and fees and costs to a defendant Trump named in his unsuccessful RICO suit against Hillary Clinton," New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman reported.

"This kind of sanction is why so many Trump advisers and lawyers were distressed about his decision to file a suit against the NYAG in Florida," she added.

The 19-page ruling was also against attorneys Michael Madaio, Jamie Alan Sasson along with Habba, Madaio & Associates and The Ticktin Law Group.

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Correspondent Andrew Feinberg of The Independent reported, "Judge Middlebrooks is all but saying [Alina Habba] and other lawyers who filed the ridiculous Trump vs. Clinton lawsuit should be disbarred."

The judge said the "conduct was willful, not simply negligent" and cited things Habba had said while being interviewed by Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

Adam Klasfeld of Law & Crime described the ruling as a "brutal takedown."