'Trump's army look like losers': National security expert blows up rally organizer's boast about success
Juliette Kayyem -- CNNscreenshot

With cable networks showing a very small turn-out for the 'Justice for J6" rally near the Capitol on Saturday, national security expert Juliette Kayyem pushed back at comments made by rally organizer Matt Bryanard who claimed, no matter how many people show up, his event is a success.

In an interview reported by the Washington Post on Friday night, the former Donald Trump official claimed, "Already this rally is a success," adding "there's going to be so much media," before claiming. "It's not really a numbers game, it's a message game."

However, according to Kayyem, the optics of a slim turnout is just as likely to make supporters of the Jan 6th Capitol rioters -- and also Donald Trump -- look like "losers."

In a tweet linking to the WaPo story, Kayyem -- who served as President Barrack Obama's Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security -- said Braynard may be overstating his case.

Responding to his boast of a "success, " Kayyem wrote, "An important alternative take. Braynard can say this, but terror succeeds with numbers, not just attention. Recruitment, money, validation all come from being able to present a win. Trump's army look like losers to recruits; paper tigers to the curious. It is a good narrative."

You can see her tweet below as well as early pictures from the rally.