Kansas GOP lawmaker flips out over 4th-grader's rainbow drawing
Representative Pat Proctor official portrait.

Kansas GOP Rep. Pat Proctor has a fourth grader's mother upset after he used the elementary school student's drawing of a rainbow to accuse a school of promoting LGBTQ content, the Kansas Reflector reported.

Proctor published the drawing in his February newsletter, which was one of several drawings done by third and fourth graders at David Brewer Elementary School that were displayed in the school's library. The drawings had the words “My school library is for every student!” printed on top.

“I found it and was irate, because he didn’t ask for permission,” parent Courtney Ricard said. “He bleeped out her name, which he thinks is acceptable, but you can’t go to an art museum and print out a picture of someone’s artwork without asking their permission.”

Proctor said he was trying to alert the community about the drawings and said blacking out the names the students was sufficient enough to give them privacy. “It was impossible to identify what students did what artworks, and nobody on the planet would know who had done that drawing if the kid’s mom hadn’t thrown a fit in the school board meeting,” Proctor told the Reflector.

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“I find it impossible to believe that an entire grade of third graders and fourth graders, all on their own, decided to draw rainbow flags and talk about LGBTQ and spell those things out on their artwork,” Proctor said. “I find it impossible to believe that was not the assignment and that they were not coached to do that by the teacher. That’s just implausible in the extreme.”

Proctor accused teachers at the school of promoting a “radical, woke agenda.”

Proctor would not define what he meant by a “radical, woke agenda," but said he schools should stick to educational basics, such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

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