Kari Lake accuses Cindy McCain of plotting 'end to America' with George Soros
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Arizona candidate for governor Kari Lake implicated Cindy McCain in a plot to destroy America with liberal billionaire George Soros.

While appearing on a Saturday edition of Steve Bannon's right-wing podcast, Lake suggested that Republicans fear her more than Democrats.

"It just shows you how dangerous the RINO-class of the Republican Party is," she complained. "I believe they're in cahoots basically with the [George] Soros types on the left. And this is why they stabbed President Trump in the back on the fourth of November and we remember that."

"This is the Cindy McCain branch of the Republican Party," the candidate continued. "They're not Republicans. They're globalists and they want -- I think they want an end to America. They want a globalist agenda, a new world order, whatever you want to call it."

She concluded: "And we want America. We want our Constitution and we want our constitutional rights intact. And that's what they're afraid of."

Lake said that this year's election would be the "last gasp of the McCain machine."

"They're literally watching it slide away," she explained. "This is their last stand."

Cindy McCain's daughter Meghan recently referred to Lake as "trash" after she attacked Sen. John McCain's legacy.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice. You can also watch at this link.