Kari Lake's latest legal maneuver 'generates a big fat yawn'
Kari Lake (Photo via AFP)

According to one Arizona journalist who has followed Kari Lake's ascension from amiable TV personality to controversial candidate for the governorship, her worst fear is coming true.

She has become "boring" and the general public -- and the press -- is now ignoring her.

As AzCentral columnist E.J Montini observed, Lake's decision to file an appeal with the Arizona State Supreme Court was greeted with "a big yawn," because no one believes it will go anywhere.

Using the popular expression that Lake -- with her constant complaints about election fraud -- has "jumped the shark," Montini suggested that the country is moving on because her act, borrowed from Donald Trump, has moved from interesting to being tedious and absurd.

According to the Associated Press, "In a filing Wednesday, Lake’s attorneys focused on problems with ballot printers at some polling places in Maricopa County, which is home to more than 60% of the state’s voters. They alleged chaos created by the technical problems had disenfranchised Republican voters. They claimed the chain of custody for ballots was broken at an off-site facility and that the Arizona Court of Appeals applied the wrong standard of proof in deciding Lake’s challenge."

According to Montini, the lawsuits barely caused a ripple in Arizona political circles and even her followers are having a hard time remaining enthused.

"Here’s the thing," he wrote. "I haven’t noticed lately any photos of Lake hanging out at Mar-a-Lago with former President Donald Trump, America’s election denier in chief. And it has been a while since I’ve received a ranting email from one or more of the poor saps who fell for Lake’s ongoing plea to donate money to her election challenges."

"Even today, news of her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court has been greeted with a big, fat, statewide -- even nationwide -- yawn. A ho-hum," he continued.

"For a self-serving, egocentric political evangelist like Lake it must be torture. The very worst thing that could have happened to her is happening. She’s become … boring," he wrote.

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