Arizona Dems turn the tables on Kari Lake
Kari Lake on Twitter.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes have for months been on the receiving end of allegations attributing their November election victories to voter fraud.

Now they’re turning the tables on their most vocal accuser.

Hobbs and Fontes are seeking court sanctions for failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and her attorneys, Arizona Mirror reports.

Fontes told the Arizona Supreme Court earlier this week that Lake and her attorneys “continue to malign and erode the foundations upon which our great state stands,” the report said.

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Bryan Blehm, an Arizona divorce lawyer, and corporate lawyer Kurt Olsen are representing the former TV news anchor turned celebrity MAGA election denier.

Lake alleges the 2022 election she lost to Hobbs by 17,000 votes was stolen and claims to be the state’s “true governor,” according to the report.

Hobbs, Fontes and Maricopa County are named as defendants in the case brought by Lake.

Lake blames her loss on voter suppression and pervasive fraud in Maricopa County.

She took the case to the state’s Supreme Court after a lower court dismissed it in December after a two-day trial and an appellate court upheld the dismissal.

“Those who invoke our Courts must do so in good faith,” Craig Morgan, an attorney for Fontes, wrote in a response to the Supreme Court obtained by Arizona Mirror.

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“We cannot allow a disgruntled vocal minority to weaponize our Courts, sow unfounded distrust in our election processes, malign our public servants, and undermine our democracy – all for the purpose of trying to overturn the People’s will and topple an election.”

Lake claims 35,563 illegal ballots were illegally cast in Maricopa County, but hasn’t backed up her assertion with evidence.

Hobbs’ attorney, Abha Khanna, said Lake’s claim “blatantly misrepresents key facts from the record.”