Trump's Arizona gubernatorial candidate says she’ll build 'the wall' on land the state doesn’t even own

Former television news host Kari Lake, a Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, announced that she fully intends to build "the wall" along with Mexico border with Arizona steel. There's just one problem, all of the available lands where the border fence can be built already has a fence on it.

Lake made the comment on her social media accounts, posting a photo of herself with a big stack of steel beams. There hasn't been a shortage of anti-immigrant governors in Arizona. Govs. Doug Ducey and Jan Brewer have long been supporters of former President Donald Trump and his "wall" ploy.

As the policy counsel at the American Immigration Council explained, Arizona doesn't have much land left where they can build the so-called wall.

"Nearly all of the land which isn't federally owned already has border wall built on it," explained Aaron Reichlin-Melnick. "So unless she's planning on building a wall 50-100 miles inland, those steel beams are staying put."

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There's also the problem that the so-called "wall" is actually a fence.

Under Trump's administration, the U.S. built 455 miles of fencing, but only 49 was new. Most of the funding for replacement fencing and repairs, however, came from bills passed during former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Bush's budget, for example, allocated $50 billion in fence repairs in 2006. Obama sought an additional $600 million in border funds in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration's prototype tests in 2018 revealed that tests showed all of the designs the president considered in 2017 had vulnerabilities. San Diego broadcaster KPBS obtained the information through "heavily redacted" test results.

Lake has struggled over the past several months as she faced off against other Republicans in her party, who schooled her on several of her policy plans, the Arizona Republican explained Wednesday.

See the fact check to Lake below: